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Now: 25 January 2020 13:45
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Devourers acid spores

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when Devourers enter the battle after the 10 seconds where nothing happens passend but before the 1 minute mark then their acid spores ability becomes bugged.
It also may be the case that it's relevant that they entered later than 20 seconds because there they would've used acid spores the first time normally.

It will only fire one single time and then never again for the rest of the battle.

You can see this in the following battle:

My Devourers joined at 22 seconds of battle.
My Devourers use Acid Spores at 29 seconds of battle. ->
My Devourers do NOT use their ability in round 2. I would've expected it at 1:09 but there is nothing. ->
The same is for round 3. No Acid Spores used. ->

Acid Spores should be used every 40 seconds according to a lot of battles with pirates I had very recently where they did that.

Additionally: I checked enough battles to find that Devourers acid spores ability also shows up in the battle report details when it's not having an effect on any unit.
Shown in this screenshot:
So this is definitely a bug that my Devourers acid spores stopped working after the first use.
12 August 2019 04:51
12 August 2019 04:51
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Quote: Tii
It will only fire one single time and then never again for the rest of the battle.

It's not a bug.
Quote: Tii
Shown in this screenshot:

This situation is strange. Please send this battle.

Quote: RedBarmaley
Please send this battle.

It's rounding to zero. Acid spores were used but effect was very small and value was rounded to zero while demonstrating.
Not a bug too.
12 August 2019 12:55
12 August 2019 12:55


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