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Now: 17 October 2019 21:03
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Interplanetary missle damage, waepons resaerch needs to be considered in dmg

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I found it interesting that the reasearch on weapons have everywhere an effect excluded for the interplanetary missile.

For me this missle is a big weapon. And it also gets more and more used. So i guess it would be nice to include the weapon research on it like everywhere ;-)

Example rocket launcher : also shoots little missiles xD

Second, it is also impossible to improve the damage on the interplanetary missle with HC. Would be nice if you add that too.

Proove that more and more people use it :

Thank you
19 September 2019 19:51
19 September 2019 19:51
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It is not a bug.
20 September 2019 07:14
20 September 2019 07:14


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