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HardStone TOSS
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Fleet award «Space wanderer»
Fleet award «Large cargo»
Award 1kk stats points
Fleet award «Dreadlisk»
Fleet award «Deathstar»
Crazy collector
Fleet award «Fastling»
Fleet award «Solar satellite»
Choose the side of Santa Claus
Recycle master III
Fleet award «Patriarch»
Fleet award «Interceptor»
Choose the side of Father Frost
Space experience
Fleet award «Espionage probe»
Fleet award «Mudkip»
Flawless victory
Fleet award «Devourer»
Tereshkova medal
Need for speed
Gagarin`s award
Recycle master II
Fleet award «Science vessel»
Fleet award «Investigator»
Fleet award «Sower»
Good fight
Atreides talisman
Harkonnen talisman
Ordos talisman
Fleet award «Scout»
Recycle master I
Fleet award «Matriarch»
Planet raider
Toss` capital key (HardStone)
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17 Sep 2020
Thanks :)
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9 Jul 2020
🚽Toiletdude +
https://prnt.sc/owljv8 Don’t send kids to spy on me then get pissy and call me coward sweetheart
12 Jul 2020
You can say whatever you want love, I proved my points, called out your lies, and made you look even dumber than ever imaginable. You can continue to make fun of my name all you want, I am adult and it really does not bother me. Stop deleting comments and switching on and off ignore and maybe get some of your respect back.
11 Jul 2020
Dictionary.: Toilettedude - sexual practise, A guy who loves to get pissed in face.
I would kick you with my 12 cm stilettos.
But it would hurt me so much, to burn my manolos after that.

Boy. go home play lego. Thats for sure better.
9 May 2020
С Днем Победы!
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9 May 2020
Hallo, kannst Du mich bitte dem deutschen Chat beifügen? Vielen Dank
18 Apr 2020
geben Sie einen Link zu Ihrem Konto im sozialen Netzwerk
24 Apr 2020
Sure. my telephon number and my credit card number I send you
with PM. And Pin of my Mobil, too.
Any other wishes ?? naked photos ?
11 Jul 2019
QuasarVlad +
You're not worth anything alone either. Break one pencil easily, try to do it with a dozen. In addition, between black and white hundreds of colors and shades. Therefore, no one can claim that what he said is true. Including me...
21 Jul 2019
You are buyer. do not talk with fighter
19 Feb 2019
Америку не люблю,а девушка понравилась.
19 Feb 2019
I am from germany. play english. this game makes american flagg.
7 Feb 2019
zula_T +
For your eyes only, only for you.
You see what no one else can see, and now I'm breaking free.
For your eyes only, only for you.
The passions that collide in me, the wild abandoned side of me.
Only for you, for your eyes only.
2 Feb 2019
удачи тебе америкоска
13 Oct 2017
thank you very much for the metal :)