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Topic: problem with 'select all' button | 19 December 2020 02:06
Message #3 still actual, comes up sending defend mission of ships I do not want in save fleet, then using to select all to scoop up everything I DO want to send on expedition.....maybe a few times if I got the wrong number of overlords.
19 Dec 02:03:28
server time
Topic: problem with 'select all' button | 15 December 2020 23:17
Message #2
I will try to get it to repeat
Topic: problem with 'select all' button | 28 November 2020 19:48
Message #1
Sending some ships out, quickly selecting all the rest, and this happened

its kinda hard to back out of, because you cant select the ones that aren't there

time would be just before
28 Nov 19:36:35
if you want to find a log