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Battle system fleet timing, spam and fleet timing

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Dear admins.
Attacking pirats with spam
sometimes spam waits 13 seconds before joining battle.
sometimes main fleet arrives 20 seconds to late.
We do not speak about a second.
But with this we can not time multiple fleets or teams.
Please fix soon.
As wished I send battlereports per pm.
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Third class award

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30 July 2018 17:45:46
30 July 2018 17:45:46
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Attacking Jouann I sendet spam AND battlefleet.
All did not enter fight. hang before cords.
I could recall wich is ????.
Battle system FAILS ! ! !

31 July 2018 13:33:32
31 July 2018 13:33:32
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Please, give us battle reports. 
31 July 2018 14:21:06
31 July 2018 14:21:06
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Group guest
how to destroy station the sun temple?
31 July 2018 14:35:27
31 July 2018 14:35:27
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Group guest
ansys totally off topic...

Wrong forum and wrong topic!

First of all use search...

For the questions use forum Newbie questions
Then, use "Create a new topic" button...

BTW The answer to your question is:
Use the vessels capable of destruction! Battle system fleet timing
If you attack then is attack and NOT destruction!
Simple as that...

Admins, sorry... 
1 August 2018 02:22:51
1 August 2018 02:22:51
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We made some changes. It must be better now.
1 August 2018 12:48:31
1 August 2018 12:48:31


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