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switching between stations, selection of station

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Hello admins.
I have 2 teran station same position. Want to jump them.
Select first - give target cords - jump.
Than with opened menu "teleportation" I can not select other station anymore.
I can not klick between stations if than menu was open.
Changing to menu overview I can switch between both stations.

because of the combination of two super intelligent game changes
I need to have vespene for jump - addon the vespene it will loose it
time it needs to prepare the jump -
And I can not controll because I get no info anymore.
Guess you did some changes to much.

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24 July 2019 23:45:17
24 July 2019 23:45:17
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Solved it, thanks stein
27 August 2019 21:58:09
27 August 2019 21:58:09


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