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Now: 22 September 2019 19:10
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Spy report - droids, Hidden droids not in the report

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Thanks to the latest innovation, calculating profitable battles on a planet is now very easy.
However I believe I found a bug which generates a negative user experience for the attacker.
When you scan a toss planet it shows the droids are exposed.
And so when an enemy scans, they will see that scrap and BO can be squeezed out.
Runs the simulator for losses and then attacks.
Only to find out that not all the fleet is on the planet and battle became unprofitable.

Please add to the spy report hidden droids as so that there are no misunderstandings with why the fleet is not in the battle. Thanks
28 August 2019 03:24
28 August 2019 03:24
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The same problem applies to human harvesters.
28 August 2019 03:39
28 August 2019 03:39


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