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A few things, for the 'not a bug' list

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1 Wrong description of Viking
but the description when i buy one "Up to half of killed Vikings can recover, and the rest will not give debris and battle experience to the enemy.";"
"The period between volleys
14 seconds"

2 Omission from changelog; spy ships in attack mission no longer count in fleet points at least for 'torn to shreds' calculation, BUT, they are shown as points when you send them

3 Langauge errors in message; when a bestiary is destroyed and you lose a lot, the system message says"After Bestiary destruction at planet UPU-1 [133:733:2] all lots were annuled and control over the flying Gigalords was lost.
xxx ships" this should end "lost: or Losses:" also Annulled has a double L.

4 A spy sent to a planet with no active weapons of any kind can still get destroyed, but by what? It clearly isn't the ships in FAS...Also noted 0% destroy chance .

5 "When capturing an orbital pirate station, planetary pirate station, temple, asteroid, the power of all mining buildings and units is set to 100%, the activity of the entire defense is activated."" . It's my understanding most of these do not support mining of any kind....

6 and Ill add a new one; Unable to build units not at any planet of terran or xerj
....EDIT seems to have righted itself, but affected everyone in the chat at the time.
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22 July 2020 06:39
22 July 2020 06:39
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Quote: Sheepleville
"The period between volleys
14 seconds"

There's a delay between updating a combat engine data (which is instantaneous) and propagating those updates into in-game descriptions (for optimization purposes). Unit descriptions should be synchronized with yesterday changes now.
22 July 2020 14:12
22 July 2020 14:12
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We've corrected language errors, thank you.
22 July 2020 14:20
22 July 2020 14:20


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