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Human fleet vs Toss Matriarch - Ideal attack force, How large of a force including flagships

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How large of a Fleet of Human warships could a player destroy a Toss Matriarch ship with High confidence of success with relative low ship losses?
25 May 2020 02:59:22
25 May 2020 02:59:22
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2-3 Supernova ;-)
25 May 2020 04:36:20
25 May 2020 04:36:20
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that depends on the pirate ... whether it is Zandaris with 2000 points or Prometheus with 5 million points ... the pirates have a different number of officers Admiral -
2000 points 1 Admiral
20,000 points 3 Admiral
100,000 points 5 Admiral
500,000 points 7 Admiral
1,000,000 points 10 Admiral
5,000,000 points 12 Admiral ....

1 Admiral reinforces the enemy by 5% (on everything - armor / weapon / shields) .....

The combat experience must also be taken into account - 0.1% strength on everything for 1 point combat experience .....

if you want to try it with small ships, it becomes very expensive and very complex .... often not profitable .... flagship ships of the Supernova type or space wanderer are effective against Matriachate ...

The use of flagships depends somewhat on how good the diplomatic relationship with the players is, where you saw this Matriachat ... There are players who have gained combat experience by sending tens of thousands of hunters against player's flagships ... This is my personal warning and at the same time the recommendation not only to organize the ships and develop the technology, but also to develop regional security for the fleet! .....

If the prerequisite is met, 4-6 space hikers with medium technology (15 weapons / 15 shields / 15 armor) can suffice completely ... this is just a rough estimate that works without loss ....

If your hyperspace technology is good (I personally recommend level 12-13), then Supernova are the perfect solution against Matriachate - 2-3 are sufficient (depending on the pirate's point size) ... This is also the cheapest option in terms of fuel consumption .. ....

If you have a lot of money, I recommend that you buy the necessary officers instead of the ships themselves ... because you can also sell Supernovas ... and you will find it easier to replace these ships if they are attacked by players. ..... for a quick build I recommend Nanofabrik level 8 (about 4 hours of construction time) - I think a good player is definitely 4 hours online so that after the construction of a Supernova has been completed, it can be safely monitored ..... You can choose to buy and get started with risk - or the system I recommend ..... In the end, despite occasional losses, you will always be able to get more resources with flagships than the repair costs of flagships, if you play carefully .....

sorry .. I thought it was necessary to give more information than was asked - to guarantee you a certain procedure for your own security and cost recovery ......

Over time, supernovas will be the future for chasing pirates anyway, because of the increasing aggression ..... +14 for the destruction of a Matriachate the aggression increases ....

that's 14% more firepower the enemy will have against you next time ...
25 May 2020 04:42:05
25 May 2020 04:42:05


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