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False damage from scavengers vs intercepter, look at topicname

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Dear Admins
in the following report you can see that the damagecalculation from the scavengers(xerg) versus the intercepter(toss) are wrong.
In the description of scavengers are written that they do 3x damage to intercepters. so they have to do 2,1mio damage but they do only 1,4mio damage.

Please correct the damagecalculation or the description from scavengers.

regarts Tomate
25 October 2020 22:55:03
25 October 2020 22:55:03
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At 00:36 (first attack of Scavengers on Interceptors) there were 89795 Scavengers. With 7 damage per shot and 3x spec their total damage output would have been 1 885 695. But Interceptors have 20% chance to dodge a normal attack, so the average damage they should take is 80% of that, which is 1 508 556. And the actual damage was pretty much that:
00:36 Scavenger attack with firepower 1 508 304 (damage 0/1 508 304) Interceptor

The damage is a tiny bit off from average due to random nature of dodge mechanics, but otherwise in line with the expected value.
25 October 2020 23:12:08
25 October 2020 23:12:08


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