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low player has a huge point fleet, player may be cheating

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How can TossTK who shows 59k points who has 10 recyclers working , game said he had 300 points there, i sent a fleet of 1k to attack, for recycle, when my fleet arrives, he shows up he has cleared the debris field remains with the 10 recycler's and a few corsairs', but also has which was not visible in game views a fleet that attacked my fleet with 465k points about 14k interceptors and some other ships. that second invisible fleet is 10 times his total game points, and then in less than 10 minutes with out seeming to return his fleet to anywhere attack my home base with the same 450k fleet. i lost almost all my ships and other stuff on my home base.
13 June 2021 22:24:16
13 June 2021 22:24:16
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I would say he made a large donation and purchased a fleet, this fleet is not added to the statistics until recalculation which is around 06:00 server time

-Opps i guess he couldn't handle the first demolition , its also possible that the 465k fleet was from another player maybe scourges? they are hidden from view in the galaxy
13 June 2021 23:15:02
13 June 2021 23:15:02
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Quote: kb2wta
a fleet that attacked my fleet with 465k points about 14k interceptors and some other ships.

I reviewed those battles, and TossTK's fleet was about 24k points (14k Interceptors with Carriers for them, nothing else basically). Could you please explain where that 465k number comes from?
14 June 2021 13:17:15
14 June 2021 13:17:15


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