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New view left side Planet object list, Sorting planet object list left side

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Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
1:56 server , 14. june

Moved second Dunkle to that place.
NOW I need to search them left side in overview.
after 10 minutes I figured out what happened.
Like ever when doing a senceless change it got more bad then before.

GATES got used. shown still green left side. LEFT side Planet Menu does not actualize
NEED TO SELECT A PLANET, and Press F5 for correct view.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
solving this 3 bugs .

Screenshot: 2 "DUNK" same place left side shown different places.
14 June 2021 01:59:51
14 June 2021 01:59:51
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Quote: SusiS some named DUNK some Dunklesteous
Quote: 🐞ymnik 7 April 2021 15:05:02
Displaying the diameters of satellites in the list of objects.
The new Dunkleosteus objects will be named Dunk.

Nobody renamed your objects. Those are new default names (which you can change for free if you don't like them).
14 June 2021 13:34:27
14 June 2021 13:34:27
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WEll. still no word from SORTING. showing wrong places of objects left side.
14 June 2021 17:10:31
14 June 2021 17:10:31


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