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Officer Costs, Cost of officer

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I just got a screen from other player.
he pays only 30% of the hyderian for same officer then I do.

So how is this possible ? Why do some player need only 30% of the hyderian to buy same officer ?
Looks like typic for this game.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
I pay 168 Hc for "Telepathist" .
other player pay 50 hc for Telepathist.

This looks pretty unfair and for sure not legal
This is a major point to close this website.
We still have TTiP ! .
Wich means the domain gets closed. Sorry. Of course only the .com domain.

Solve it. !
5 March 2022 02:50:14
5 March 2022 02:50:14
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Telepathist must be in relation to the stat , I have a price of 206
5 March 2022 12:12:22
5 March 2022 12:12:22
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By european law. this has to be documentated.
Same US, canada and all TTIP countrys.
Also the HIDDEN specials.
As some player can use Teran "officer" at xerj race .
This has to be documentated by law.

Possible its better to inform the Hoster, instead the admins here.
Shutting down will have a bigger effect.

Its still a french Hoster. even Place is arabian.
6 March 2022 16:12:28
6 March 2022 16:12:28
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the price of the telepator actually refers to the size of the player... the bigger you are, the more expensive it is....

The telepator would cost me 234 HC while my much smaller Tossa account would only cost 104 HC..
But I honestly have to admit that I don't use a telepator - it only makes sense for pirate hunting if you could reach pirates of a certain size (999 points of combat experience or in other words 99,999 fleet points) via gates..... otherwise the telepath is of no use....
7 March 2022 02:14:30
7 March 2022 02:14:30
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It's not a bug. Marsman and Marek gave the right answer, the cost depends only on the level of development.
8 March 2022 15:55:35
8 March 2022 15:55:35


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