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Possible Bug In Pirate Domination (quest 6), Behaviors of mission 6 are inconsistent with description

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I believe there may be two bugs in the Pirate Domination quest (quest 6). First, some screenshots and then some background on why I think there are bugs...

Here is a screenshot of one of my planets in galaxy view showing 3 pirate OPS on coords:

Here is a screenshot of an 8/13 spy probe of the Atlackama OPS, showing 'Defense structures' and the overall OPS structure value:

Here is a screenshot of an 8/23 spy probe of the same OPS showing the same info:

As background, the Atlackama OPS (having a level 2 grav gun) appeared first. I noticed it on June 30 as it began firing the grav gun on my planet. A few weeks later, the 2nd OPS appeared, and a few days ago, the 3rd.

I brought up my own Space Station w/ a level 4 grav gun on July 7 and commenced firing on the Atlackama OPS with the intention of destroying it as mentioned can be done in the mission description (at the time, I estimated it would take roughly 90 days to destroy the OPS). On the day I began firing my grav gun, the OPS structure was somewhat over 85M.

In the above 8/13 spy report on the Atlackama OPS, you can see that the OPS structure had =risen= to somewhat over 138M, and the 8/23 spy report shows that it rose further to over 148M in only 10 days. Also note that in both spy reports, the number of 'Planetary Defense' units is the same at 39. So the OPS structure increase cannot be attributed to 'Planetary Defence'. Also note that the 'Total points' of 'Defense structures' went =down= while the OPS structure was going =up=.

The mission description reads...

  "Planetary defenses can be destroyed by gravity weapons, such as Gravity guns or Dunkleosteus, reducing the structure and defenses of the OPS."

This description is highly inconsistent with what is actually happening. The Atlackama OPS is growing it's structure far faster than my level 4 grav gun is carving it down, hence making it impossible to destroy the OPS (with a 'gravity weapon'). It is also mysterious (?) exactly how the OPS structure can increase in any case, since the 'Planetary Defence' units are remaining unchanged and defense points are going down.

Also, the appearance of three (so far!) OPSs appearing in rapid-fire fashion, one after the other over time on the same planet also does not seem consistent with the mission description, which refers to OPS in the singular (implying one OPS rather than a small army of them).
24 August 2019 11:08
24 August 2019 11:08
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It is not a bug. Some balance changes occurred at that time. Details can be found here.
16 September 2019 14:54
16 September 2019 14:54


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