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Last updates

17-09-2020 11:37:41
We have corrected the storekeeper officer bonus (Store keeper)
16-09-2020 13:41:01
We corrected the acceleration of ongoing research after the construction of the forge. (Ускорение исследования )
15-09-2020 13:35:28
Cancellation of the 10% reduction in HC of bestiary fee, introduced on 13 July.
15-09-2020 10:30:54
Real-time update of resources after mission transport.
14-09-2020 8:59:28
We have added notifications about the completion of research or building/destruction.
11-09-2020 12:23:23
Group creation cost -1HC
Change of group leader cost- 1HC
11-09-2020 10:20:41
Update of the resource merchant.
The cost of calling a merchant has changed from 3 crystals to 1 crystal for every 500 000 resources exchanged in Vespene equivalent.
11-09-2020 9:35:13
The display of content at the resource merchant has been narrowed.
10-09-2020 12:40:38
The ninth human quest was continued
08-09-2020 19:21:51
We have corrected the rounding in the capacity calculation. вместимость владык
08-09-2020 11:48:52
We have corrected the display of parameters on the building pages. (Рассинхрон формул)
08-09-2020 10:49:48
It is prohibited to send the fleet to defend an inactive ally.
07-09-2020 17:09:31
Regeneration bonus from Acid Pool is halved
03-09-2020 18:44:44
03-09-2020 18:44:40
Spam from the ark is blocked
01-09-2020 19:05:18
We corrected the collision with asteroids. Thank you maximov
01-09-2020 17:21:20
We have corrected a flight of over 50000 kilometres in local coordinates.
26-08-2020 15:24:28
We fixed the activation of the Martyn cannon
26-08-2020 14:42:02
Completion of buildings or research studies now takes place at the end of time rather than at the time of actualisation.
We have corrected the mechanics of the sudden acceleration or sharp deceleration of the building construction after a change in the level of the element affecting the speed of building construction.
26-08-2020 10:02:57
We have optimised the rotation of the gun when there is a large fleet at the station.
25-08-2020 15:15:09
+1% to the speed of fading of aggression against you for every month of premium.
24-08-2020 17:01:43
Vikings' fuel consumption has been increased from 1 to 2, and that of fighters from 2 to 3.
24-08-2020 12:12:11
We have added the whole fleet auto-choice to the Fleet menu when selecting from the fleet list.
24-08-2020 9:43:17
Reinforcement of the gravity cannon for tosses:
1. +10% for each level of gravity weapon
2. The number of shots equals the root of the special weapons
23-08-2020 9:39:45
We've turned on x2crazy!
21-08-2020 14:11:25
Entities now consume 33% more gas.
20-08-2020 8:09:58
Comments for experienced players on the new formulas for the reform on May 9, 2020.
The ratios of Mines and Refinery have eventually dropped from 18/12/6 to 15/10/5.
Incubator and Extractor ratios decreased from 6/18/5 to 5/15/5.
3 metals from the Mine and 2 minerals from the Mine were taken from humans from the coefficients.In total 7 in metal at the classical rate of 4/2/1. 1 metal and 3 minerals from the Incubator were taken from the xerjs. In the sum of 7 in metal at the classic rate of 4/2/1. Correspondingly, a bit of tosses were cut off as a result.

Minerals were taken a little more for the desire of the exchange rate to classic 4/2/1.

For humans took 5 in metal, 7 for xerjs, but offset by an increase in output from Landslide and Gas Lake.
19-08-2020 22:43:32
Production of classic mining buildings (Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Rectification tunnel, Extractor) and tosses droids has increased approximately twice as much.
The price of classic mining buildings has doubled.
Construction time of buildings has doubled.
19-08-2020 19:04:31
We've added a list of our fleet on hold to send by selected coordinates, missions, objects. In dispatch, below the bookmarks, if you have a fleet on hold.
19-08-2020 14:45:48
Hydarian speedup on fleet sending page now uses minimum amount of Hydarians required to reach selected speedup, instead of “average”
19-08-2020 12:32:04
In the galaxy in the planet panel in the tab with the fleet added the button Recycling with aggression
19-08-2020 10:46:37
Beauty Contest
18-08-2020 21:02:33
We've added a colonization mission for no owner's OPS.
Fixed bug
18-08-2020 21:01:53
We fixed the bug Rounding up at the shipyard. Неверное округление скорости (баг)
17-08-2020 13:13:21
Extra bonuses for premium
+1 building in the construction queue.
+1 simultaneous research on another object.
13-08-2020 5:27:06
Energy consumption of the well, crystal lake and holes increased by about 20%.
10-08-2020 10:26:57
We fixed the bug. It was impossible to send trampolines from the object's defense if you're flying through other trampolines. Невозможно отправить трампы с обороны объекта
10-08-2020 9:53:39
The course of metal to vespene and minerals to vespene is now floating. It depends on exchange transactions on bestiary. The exchange rate is recalculated once a day at 00 server time.
08-08-2020 14:34:43
The price of "new" mining buildings has been doubled:
Well, Lake, Geyser, Holes.

Production of "new" mining buildings has been doubled:
Well, Lake, Geyser, Holes.
07-08-2020 20:47:57
We fixed the bug in scripts.It could have caused the fleet to mismatch on or off a satellite.
07-08-2020 15:21:30
Important update! The gravity gun will now continue to deal damage to the target during Vacation Mode. That is, if the gravity gun shoots an insect at the entity and the entity's owner goes on vacation, the gravity gun will continue to shoot at the entity's.
But! If the gravity gun goes off, it will no longer be able to inflict damage on the entity's.
It's also impossible to start destroying an object that's already on vacation.
06-08-2020 17:58:11
We removed Dunkleosteus from the building list on the Ripper for Xerjs.
Thank you, Gorillaz.
06-08-2020 14:34:52
Prevent the creation of wormholes in systems destroyed by nagibators. Thank you 💖ksarifonovna.
06-08-2020 14:34:42
We've added a warp gate to the left menu for tosses at the planetary pirate station.
06-08-2020 12:58:14
We've doubled the warm-up time when starting from the planets. Скукотища
05-08-2020 9:43:31
We have fixed the display of the sent forum message for the banned players.
03-08-2020 11:11:55
A fleet in a warm-up period, from the occupation is engaged in battle on the attack side. Баг с разгоняющимся флотом
31-07-2020 19:48:45
Adjustment of the cost of mines and refinery (small increase).
31-07-2020 15:57:07
The transported units that are left in orbit form debris when destroyed.
31-07-2020 13:11:41
Rocket attacks with outlaw status are also possible against strong opponents' orbital pirate stations (including pirates).
31-07-2020 11:40:59
We've added an extra percentage to the production, for each month of premium.
30-07-2020 14:48:06
The tutor is displayed even after you have scored 25000 points.
30-07-2020 6:35:13
Displaying possible improvements for debris collection speed.
29-07-2020 13:13:13
We added a 10% bonus to the debris collection speed for the premium.
28-07-2020 16:57:40
You can save drafts of messages in dialogs
28-07-2020 15:54:55
We have added capabilities to edit spoiler header on forum (В спец функционале тем форума нет текстовых окон).
27-07-2020 13:13:02
We have added the display of premium subscription expiration time.
27-07-2020 12:36:07
We've removed race verification in the construction of a building for an orbital pirate station, a planetary pirate station.
27-07-2020 12:14:38
The production and price of classic production buildings has increased by about a third.
27-07-2020 11:58:18
We permit construction upgrades at an orbital pirate station without checking requirements
27-07-2020 10:43:29
Mission of espionage does not start a battle on its return and does not destroy the fleet to shreds if it departs from defence or recycling.
27-07-2020 10:20:00
The rules of construction on objects were reworked.
We have removed buildings that cannot be built. Like the super station on the Ripper.
24-07-2020 8:32:02
Spying units can't start a battle on their own, it destroys them to shreds.
24-07-2020 8:31:43
Attack or capture of an orbital pirate station of a strong pirate is impossible.
23-07-2020 6:56:51
We corrected an extra division by 100 in the description of the return after the destruction of the building.
23-07-2020 6:56:38
We corrected the dominance statistics. Records are available for the last 30 days from the end of dominance, not from the beginning.
22-07-2020 12:15:24
22-07-2020 8:19:01
All spy units are not counted in the destruction to shreds calculation.
21-07-2020 19:23:21
We changed the characteristics of specialized units:
Bomber: Shot damage increased from 300 to 320, shield increased from 1000 to 1200.
Battlecruiser: Shot damage increased from 60 to 75.
Guardian: Fuel costs reduced from 100 to 90.
Defiler: Plague response time decreased from 100 to 60.
Warden: Speed increased from 350 to 400, specialization in organics reduced from 1.75 to 1.5.
Reaver: Shot damage reduced from 525 to 325, shot in volley increased from 1 to 2.
21-07-2020 19:13:50
Rarity of Supernova in the fleet of pirates at coordinates increased from 200 to 500. You will meet it less often.
21-07-2020 18:49:24
You can capture orbital pirate stations, planetary pirate stations, temples, asteroids that belong to a weak player who is outlawed.
21-07-2020 15:02:47
Vikings: The percentage of recovery in defense mode is reduced from 50 to 25, the attack period is increased from 14 to 20 seconds.
21-07-2020 13:26:11
We've turned on x2crazy!
21-07-2020 11:54:19
Adding attack delay for flagships that have no delay at all:
Death Star, Supernova, Leviathan, Matriarch, Patriarch.
To fight spam attacks to avoid the first shot from the flagships.
21-07-2020 11:49:13
Supernova star will be added to pirate fleets with a rarity of 200.
Increasing the rarity of the Deathstar from 120 to 150.
Increasing the rarity of Leviathan from 60 to 75.
19-07-2020 13:08:49
Speed of mutalisks is reduced from 500 to 400.
Speed of dreadlisks is reduced from 500 to 350.
15-07-2020 17:23:24
When capturing an orbital pirate station, planetary pirate station, temple, asteroid, the power of all mining buildings and units is set to 100%, the activity of the entire defense is activated.
15-07-2020 13:06:42
Zarathustra's speed bonus has been increased. It was % per level, now it is % equal to the sum of levels.
14-07-2020 11:39:38
Fighter speed has dropped from 800 to 700.
13-07-2020 12:43:26
We changed the asteroid metal production formula for the provider. (баг астер)
13-07-2020 12:03:01
The human fighter no longer has the ability to block.
13-07-2020 11:12:47
Reduction of bestiary commission in HC by 10%
11-07-2020 13:41:50
Speeds of small units and cruiser and battleship became slower.
10-07-2020 11:18:04
Correction of the names of evolution in the requirements for xerjs and tosses.
09-07-2020 12:48:33
Newbie protection does not apply to captured objects (OPS, PPS, asteroids) for players who have up to 25000 points.
08-07-2020 14:11:53
We've fixed the bestiary's bugs that arise when there's no lot planet. (Зависли ресурсы на бирже, не могу вернуть или продать.)
08-07-2020 13:11:22
We added authorization via Telegram.
07-07-2020 11:40:27
The debris from the solar destruction has been removed completely
03-07-2020 14:06:11
Renaming Elder Hydarian charging of obelisks to Feeder with a bonus change.
03-07-2020 13:57:49
The free kits have been changed. You can take them more often than once a day
03-07-2020 13:13:33
Return of crystals for Hydarian charging of obelisks
02-07-2020 14:23:47
Adding sorting of objects in spy reports by distance from zero local coordinate.
02-07-2020 13:47:23
02-07-2020 12:03:56
We have corrected the display of fleet dynamics on the alliance members' page.
02-07-2020 11:04:34
We fixed Officer Meskhalaj's gravitational gun damage bonus.
02-07-2020 11:04:28
The Zarathrusta bonus now counts according to the description, only with Evolution of Muscles. Previously counted with Evolution of Muscles and Reflex evolution.
01-07-2020 13:26:26
Increase in production from the beginner's starter kit from X3 to X5
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