Open voting: Do you want the old level?

1 Yes, we wanted to return the old level, immediately! Ja wir wollten das alte Niveau zurück, sofort ! - 40 (95%: Rieekan, Orakis, siDiX, kaa86, 123514, jokerrus, kong, Alennka, Cubic, Kulibin, GUSAR, maks197457, Zinfin, Wargod, stihl2002, Pennywise, filipi, Igor68, Tantall, Romario, CABP, Darkside, RolandA, rassssol, Blackbird-SR71, baltex88, skavr1, Nameless, sab, Vitaly, sacura, Gorini4, Frytz, Legende_ZH, Metropol, василий2, strangersan, Soulfly, ARLECHIN, JoJo)

- 1 (2%: SATANIK)

2o, the game is also changing for the worse, leave the gas where it is.ach das spiel wird sowie so zum schlechten geändert, lass das Gas wo es ist. - 1 (2%: IceQueen)

Total voted: 43.

Reset your gas/flight expenses immediately, Reset gas costs/flight costs immediately.

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Group humans Alliance OnlyOneTeam4Rever 73 29 37 Points 19 196 198 Messages 13
The flight price has been changed again without prior notice and consultation. I hereby say that the flight costs immediately back to the previous level!!!
Die Flugkosten wurde wieder ohne Ankündigung und ohne Absprache geändert. Hiermit sage ich, Flugkosten sofort wieder auf das alte Niveau!!!
The flight costs were changed again without notice and without consultation. I hereby say, flight costs immediately back to the old level!!!
14 April 2023 20:56:27
14 April 2023 20:56:27
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Group xerj Alliance Тень 48 20 16 Points 2 969 858 Messages 23
Да всю игру на 1.5 года надо назад откатить.
15 April 2023 09:00:57
15 April 2023 09:00:57


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